The Last Dog Standing, The Funky Poultry, Missouri OMA, An Update Upon Blake Baggett’s Eye Injury and many more! – The Weekly Dirt: June 18, 2014

Welcome to Weekly Dirt, your place on the web for off-road news from around the world. This week, Adam Booth brings us insurance coverage from the Last Man Standing, which was won by perhaps the hottest driver on the planet right now, Cody Webb. Meanwhile, Ben Baucum checks in with insurance coverage of the Funky Chicken. Kato also offers an update on this past weekend’s OMA in Missouri, which since won by Paul Whibley. Finally, we get an update through Blake Baggett on his eye injury. There’s plenty to go over, so let us get going.

Blake Baggett Winning Despite Eye Injury

Blake Baggett in pits

Blake Baggett has returned to the top of the podium despite dealing with the after impacts of an eye injury. Photo By Shan Moore

Blake Baggett has returned to the top of the podium despite still struggling the affects of a debilitating attention injury he suffered just before the beginning of the season. While practicing for the outside season at Glen Helen, when the supercross series was back over the western part of the schedule, Baggett took a rock to the eye, which usually went through his goggle lens and impacted his eye at an approximated 80 mph.


“It basically blew my face open and I a new deep gash in my eye, ” said Baggett. “I was literally bleeding out of my eye for 2 days, and I was blind out of it for a day. For a full day I had no vision out of it in any way and all I could see was whitened light. When my vision lastly came back everything was red since it was still bleeding.


“I’m generally still fighting that, I have to run a really dark lens in my goggles, and it’s tough to see the ruts because the lens is super darkish. ”


Baggett went to the doctor over the Wednesday before the High Point competition to have several tests done and according to Baggett all the measurements were the same as they were before the start of the time of year.


“So no changes yet, our vision is basically the same as it was from round one, ” said Baggett. “They did all the tests and they put the suction cup on it and pulled on it and basically it’s still the same as it was. The eyesight is the same. My left attention is 20/20 but my correct eye, with all the medicine and drops, I got about 45 minutes of the day that will it’s pretty close to 20/20, yet as the day goes on and our heart rate goes up the vision gets blurrier and blurrier. ”


“One doctor I talked to was going to cut the center out of my attention and give me a cadaver one, because I was in dire need, I needed to be back up and I wanted to find, ” added Baggett. “So your doctor said he could cut the whole coloured part of your eye out and replace it but it’s likely to be brutal, so he told me to give it six months and if We still want to do it he will do it. So after outdoors are over if the eye’s not good, I’m likely to do what I need to do. ” —Shan Moore


Cody Webb Wins 2014 Last Dog Position

Pro riders on Glen Helen red bridge

The good qualities hit the bridge with the dreaded hanging tires during the prologue. Photograph By Adam Booth

Cody Webb jumping off diving board ramp

Cody Webb drops off the diving board on his way to winning the Last Dog Position. Photo By Adam Booth

Taylor Robert racing his KTM

A hard fall took some wind away from Taylor Roberts sails but he was able to hold on to second place overall. Photo By Adam Booth

Kyle Redmond riding downhill

Rolling out the top three was Kyle Redmond. Here is leads Taylor Robert. All top three finishers were aboard two-strokes. Photo By Adam Booth

Michael Allen rides in expert class

From the expert class in order to 7th overall is impressive. Michael Allen did it on a stock CRF250R with an 18” rear wheel. Photograph By Adam Booth

Beta USA’s Cody Webb won the Last Dog Standing held at Glen Helen in San Bernandio, CA. Webb has established himself as the American to beat from extreme style enduros this year, winning King of the Motos, Tennessee Knockout and now the Last Dog Standing. The particular Prairie Dogs MC did a great job of laying out a long program that weaved in, around and over the hills of Glen Sue. Between the brutal canyons, steep slope climbs and man made obstacles, the particular top riders finished the entire event.


Not wanting to make it just a pro event, the Prairie Dogs MC used a format of three progressively more challenging races, all dependent around the same loop. Before the amateur riders took to the course the prologue race was held on a brief course featuring part of the national monitor and a lot of man made obstacles. The prologue seated the pros for the start of LDS2, a hard version of the LDS1 loop. Taylor Robert won the particular prologue just ahead of Kyle Redmond and Cody Webb. The pros then sat out LDS1 loop, which was for all the amateurs (expert to beginner) to see if they could make the cut to LDS2, where they would be pitted against the pros. Dirt Driver tester Michael Allen rode the CRF250R to a first place finish in the LDS1 race, finishing the cycle in about 40 minutes. It didn’t matter if you were a professional, beginner or novice, if you made the finish line within an hour of the leader on the LDS1 loop you made the cut to the LDS2 loop.


LDS2 (the first time the advantages would see the course) featured all of pros and the armatures who managed to get in from LDS1 within the time limit and had racers start in rows of two based on the prologue and LDS1 finish. Kyle Redmond (2011 winner) and Taylor Robert (2012 and 2013 winner) were the first of the line and onto the LDS2 course, which was much like the LDS1 program but with some serious climbing and descending additions. Cody Webb and Colton Haaker were on the second row and started 15 seconds back again. Unfortunately for Colton he pennyless a shift shaft and did not complete LDS2. Webb and Robert ended up putting a bit of a gap over the field by the end of the loop while Kyle Redmond, Corey Graffunder as well as other heavy hitters completed the LDS2 lap with in the time limit. Michael Allen, (Dirt Rider test rider) made the cut into the last round right from the expert course behind Quinn Cody who rode borrowed our KTM 300 for the race.


The final event, LDS3 needed three full laps on the program, which had even more hard sections added. The top riders where completing a lap in about forty minutes. LDS3 including the dreaded high dive, dropping riders off the platform and down about twenty feet to a spine crushing landing. Taylor and Cody Webb remaining the line first with Taylor in the lead but a first lap crash had Taylor a little beat up and fighting to catch up to Webb, who lead the rest of the 2 ½ laps to the finish. Taylor was able to hold onto second while Kyle Redmond finished a strong third. It should be mentioned the top three finishers where upon two-strokes, an excellent choice for hard enduros! For more info on the Last Dog Standing check out —Adam Booth



Unofficial Results

1 . Cody Webb (Beta)

2 . Taylor Robert (KTM)

3. Kyle Redmond (KTM)

4. Cory Graffunder (KTM)

5. Kale Elsworthy (KTM)

6. Mitch Carvoth (Kaw)

7. Michael Allen (Hon)

8. Ty Tremain (KTM)

9. Gary Sutherlin (KTM)

10. Quinn Cody (KTM)

11. Harrison Oswald (Hon)

12. Robby Bell (Kaw)

13. Michael Aranda


Rory Sullivan Gets Funky

Big K Ranch

Evening atop the best K Ranch. Photo By Ben Baucum

People gathered around bonfire

Humans possess a primal attraction to fire and portable devises. Photograph By Ben Baucum

overlooking the Big K Ranch

The Big E. Photo By Ben Baucum

Ritzman leads the Funky Chicken race

Brenden Ritzman with the early lead. Photograph By Ben Baucum

Jacob Argubright riding

Jacob Argubright makes his way past the Umpqua River. Photo By Ben Baucum

Jacob Argubright racing

Jacob Argubright. Photo By Ben Baucum

Derek Steahly racing

Derek Steahly exits the particular escargot. Photo By Ben Baucum

Rider jumping the road

The road jump is a spectator favorite. Photo By Ben Baucum

Brett Cue racing

Brett Cue entertained from beginning to the finish. Unfortunately, the end came early by having an over the bar crash in the record section. Photo By Ben Baucum

Jacob Argubright riding

Jacob Argubright. Photo By Ben Baucum

Brenden Ritzman riding

Brenden Ritzman. Photo By Ben Baucum

Rory Sullivan racing

Rory Sullivan earned his third Funky Chicken earn in a row, taking the lead in the final lap. Photo By Ben Baucum

Brenden Ritzman throwing roost

Brenden Ritzman. Photo By Ben Baucum

Rory Sullivan, Jacob Argubright and Brenden Ritzman on podium

Top 3 of the Motosport. com Funky Chicken. Rory Sullivan, Jacob Argubright and Brenden Ritzman. Photo By Ben Baucum


Here’s a report through Ben Baucum on this past weekend’s Funky Chicken AMA National Hare Scrambles:


Round seven of the AMA National Hare Scrambles was held at The Big K Ranch within Elkton, Oregon. The classic northwest off-road venue had several significant changes for the 2014 Motorsport. com Funky Chicken. The ETRA (Emerald Trail Riders’ Association) constructed the 15-mile course, which had a significant percentage of new trail that permitted for faster-paced flow through the dense woods. To help bring more racing to spectators and pit deck hands an escargot was added to the particular grass field at the top of the slope.


At the Pro ranks, an increase of new blood would keep issues fresh out on the front row. The particular 2014 AMA National Hare Scrambles points’ leader Jacob Argubright would certainly bring his momentum, positive mindset and Husqvarna to race the particular Funky Chicken for the first time. Brett Cue, most notable for his freestyle work, would give single track a try. Furthermore, Ricky Brabec, fresh off the team win at Baja had been out to diversify his racing profile in the Oregon woods.


Besides the brand new participants and more open sections, numerous attributes of this year’s Funky Poultry remained the same. The course still displayed the many labels that mark each part of the trail. From “Booger” to “Adam’s Backside, ” the particular clear signage seemed to help produce more significant mental impressions than standard mile markers. It also makes for a lot more interesting story telling following the event. There were still plenty of steep ascents and descents scattered throughout the numerous ridges of the Big K Ranch. Also returning for this year had been an unwelcome obstacle, dust. The particular rust colored menace lingered in the calm air, clouding vision and cloaking hazards that sat from ground level.


The Funky Chicken is usually part of the AMA National Hare Scramble series but also doubles as an OMRA (Oregon Motorcycle Riders’ Association) Cross-country event. Several waves of bikers lined up for the grass track begin that featured a tight off-camber turn at the end of a momentum generating down-hill. In the premier class, the challenging and talented Brenden Ritzman obtained the best drive down the hill and through the slick corner. Despite the lengthy hiatus from racing, the speedy Washington native looked comfortable away front and would set the particular pace with the benefit of clear eyesight. Jacob Argubright and Joey Fiasconaro were just a few bike lengths behind Ritzman as they exited the lawn track and entered the seriously shaded timber. Rory Sullivan, the particular winner of the last two Cool Chicken races, was sandwiched middle pack while Brabec ran in the least desirable position.


The close package of Pro riders dispersed into a single file train of dust eaters. Ritzman remained out front for more than two laps while Argubright and Fiasconaro held steady in their particular positions. Behind them Justin Bonita and Travis Coy slipped by Thomas Turner, Gage Johnson and Justin McGovern, just off the pace of the leaders. Also making headway were Devan Bolin, Sullivan and Brabec. Brabec had this to say about his debut at the Funky Poultry. “ Coming from Baja at one hundred mph, I was not used to heading about 30 mph in trees and shrubs using the bob and weave tactics, so I struggled a bit. ”


Argubright took over the lead from Ritzman at about the halfway mark soon after a long dirt road section. “ (I) just had a good alternative line and I hit it really properly and got around him and never looked back, ” said the particular Husky rider.


The shakeup carried on behind them as lapped traffic began to come into play. The most dramatic progress came from Sullivan who skipped through sixth to third in one panel. “ For the first few laps I was trapped in the dust together to sit where I was from, hoping someone would make a mistake. I then realized that I needed to make issues happen. I had a couple good ranges picked out where I knew I could make a move and made sure that I shut in tight before I carried out each pass, ” explained Sullivan.


Sullivan eventually got around Ritzman who had withstood prior complete attempts, but needed to pit just for gas during the fourth lap. Argubright looked flawless in the open but admitted that it was tricky to find a rhythm in the tree filled terrain. “ The particular part most challenging for me had been when it got really tight and twisty, like down the “ Tunnel of Love, ” and just being unable to turn fast enough to make the corners and then screwing up each part because I missed the last. ”


During the final lap, Sullivan had been tipped off by the ETRA rating system which displayed a half minute gap between him and the leader Argubright. “ At about the particular halfway point (of lap five) I could see Argubright’ s dust and pushed to close within. We were wheel to wheel for approximately a mile when he obtained off line and went into the particular trees. That’ s where We rode bye and pinned this to the finish, ” said Sullivan.


Sullivan’ s determined ride earned him his third Funky Poultry win in a row. Argubright held on for a solid second, preserving his series lead, while Ritzman pushed hard to the end earning the 3rd spot. Coy finished in 4th while Fiasconaro cruised to an impressive fifth. —Ben Baucum


Paul Whibley, Rory Sullivan Among Winners In The West (and Midwest)

Paul Whibley riding

After a couple spills on the first two laps, Paul Whibley got back in order to his usual consistent self and reeled off laps at the front of the pack en route to his third consecutive OMA victory, giving him a perfect record so far. Photo By Tag Kariya

Chris Bach giving thumbs up

As an A rider, Bob Bach was a regular at the OMAs. Now that he’s a Pro and focusing on GNCCs, they aren’t in his contract, but the JCR Honda rider showed he’s lost none of his OMA savvy by blasting to second. Photo By Mark Kariya

Mark Heresco racing

What Paul Whibley is to the Professional class, Mark Heresco is to Professional 2– perhaps even more so. He too has won all three rounds to date– four in a row if you count last year’s season-ending Moose Run. Photo By Tag Kariya

Along with reigning series champ Russell Bobbitt sidelined due to pre-season injury, five-time champ Paul Whibley has possessed the Parts Unlimited Off-road Motorcycle and ATV (OMA) Nationals as he aims to secure a record-extending sixth OMA championship.


After winning the first two rounds, he marched in order to his third victory at the Buckhorn Cross-country National, presented by Springfield Armory, near Newark, Missouri, inviting inevitable comparisons to his undefeated season in 2009.


“That’d be nice again, but we’ll just observe how it goes, ” he shrugged. “There’s plenty of guys in here that can take a win off me along with Jason and Nick riding really good, Chris Bach coming today. We’ll see how it goes. ”


The particular N-Fab/Am Pro Yamaha star is not unbeatable, of course , though you wouldn’t know it just by looking at the final results. And that is after some uncharacteristic spills in the early going after getting yet another hundred buck FMF Holeshot Award.


“Yeah, We gave everyone a chance! I managed to get hard work for myself, ” he joked.


But once he satisfied into his characteristic machine-like speed, he controlled the race to the end and let the squabbling over the lesser spots on the podium take place properly behind him, though it was interesting to watch.


In the end, Rockstar Energy/Lucas Oil/Johnny Campbell Racing Honda’s Chris Bach rebounded from his own problems in order to claim second in his first OMA in several years with DirtWise/Maxxis/Klim KTM’s Jason Thomas a frustrated third after watching many of those around (and behind him) allegedly cutting the particular course.


AirGroup/Radiant Racing Husqvarna’s Nick Fahringer grabbed fourth in the closing stages after a time-consuming stop just for suspension adjustments with four-time collection champ Jimmy Jarrett fifth on top his JJR Off-Road KTM.


Coordinating Whibley in the wins department had been Pro 2 winner Mark Heresco on his SRT KTM. In what’s probably the biggest class, he’s dominated, though he downplayed his achievements, saying, “I would say our speed is coming about and things are starting to click for me. I’m hoping to keep improving and perhaps catch up to these Pro 1 guys. ” Still, he was the just Pro 2 to complete nine laps like the half dozen Pros who else finished ahead of him overall.


And also you can’t ignore young Cody Barnes who won all three courses he entered on Sunday: 110cc, B Lites and Advanced B– each race almost double within duration and difficulty compared to the earlier one. The final race of the day had been almost an afterthought and he moved into simply to do a lap or two and see how he felt, yet being out front apparently made him forget about being tired.


“I really just wanted to go out and play, then once I directed a couple laps [in B Advanced] I decided, ‘Well, since I am leading I’d better try and earn it, ’ and we ended up winning it! ” he shared.


By the way, round five in Sturgis, Southern Dakota, next month will see a different file format comprised of two “motos” an hour and 15 minutes each with a one-hour split between them. The Buffalo Run honours will be in a local saloon, and the Pro winner will take home the generous $5000 of the $10, 000 purse. (Breakdown of the $2500 Professional 2 purse is still being thought. ) The course– within a stone’s throw of town, according to the OMA’s Monty Gusse– lacks the tight trees of the usual OMA program, so there will liberal use of monitor tape and banners to delineate the course, which will also be a bit shorter than usual in order to keep vistors entertained. (Officials are counting on spillover from early arrivals for Sturgis’ annual biker rally which starts a week after the July 26-27 Buffalo Run. )


Meanwhile, out west the particular always-popular Funky Chicken in Elkton, Oregon, served as round seven of the AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship Series. Run under nearly ideal conditions, Rory Sullivan took advantage of a last-lap miscue simply by Bel-Ray/FMF/Moose Racing Husqvarna factory driver Jacob Argubright to steal the particular win, Argubright recovering for second and Brenden Ritzman claiming third.


Argubright remains the points chief with 135, round-four winner Justin Bonita dropping a bit of ground yet remaining second in points from 90 after his seventh place.


If you’re at all interested in doing the Baja Rally 2 . 0 on September 24-28 but aren’t a Baja veteran and are unsure how to handle bicycle and logistics, don’t fret. Go Baja Riding has a solution with its arrive-and-ride program for the event.


Endorsed by the Baja Rally 2 . 0 organization, Go Baja Riding’s $3000 package includes a fully race-prepped Ford CRF450X with all the necessary instrumentation, suspension system, fuel capacity and other necessities to truly get you through the stages.


In addition , GBR may transport rider and support staff members to/from San Diego to Ensenada as well as provide a chase crew during the competition to handle daily maintenance. Transportation costs to/from San Diego and race entrance fee are not included in the price.


To find out more, contact Bruce “Bruno” Anderson from bruno@gobajariding. com or call Go Baja Riding Tours at 951-687-0808. —Mark Kariya


That is all for this week, be sure to check in next week for more news from the off-road world.

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