Privateer Bike Friday: Weston Peick’s Motosport. com/Fly Racing Suzuki RM-Z450

Mechanic: Joel Ard


Weston Peick has been putting this to the factory boys this year on his Motosport. com/Fly Racing Suzuki. Peick is riding what is basically the privateer bike with a little bit of help from Suzuki. However , the team has done a fantastic job of building the bike that is capable of running with all the factor bikes.


Joel Ard will be Peick’s mechanic and he tells us that will Dave Cruz does all of Peick’s suspension and Weston likes their suspension to be pretty stiff.


“He’s one of the bigger guys in the 450 class, so it’s normal for the purpose of him to want his suspension stiffer then most guys, ” says Ard. “Once he gets this set up, he rarely makes changes to it. We run a pretty consistent setup with some clicker changes every now and then, depending on the track. ”


The engines are done by Catfish Motors, and Ard explains that Peick’s supercross setup is very similar to exactly what he runs for outdoors, except that they try to get a little more bottom part end for Supercross.


As far as aftermarket items, Peick runs a Yoshimura exhaust, Talon carbon hubs with Excel rims and spokes.


The Triple clamps are made by Used Racing, and have a stock offset. Peick doesn’t like solid bar brackets, so he runs rubber types.


Here’s a list of other items use on Peick’s Suzuki:


• The brake rotors are Galfer with either Galfer or stock brake pads.


• The clutch is a full Hinson setup, including basket, inner hub, pressure plates and springs, however the clutch plates are Vertex.


• Most of the controls are Functions Connection, including clutch perch assembly.


• Carbon Fiber Works handles the guards, including the skid plate as well as the chain guide.


• The bars and grips are by Mika Metals.


Ard adds that Peick is very picky about his setup on his bars and levers and also runs his brake your pedal a little lower than most guys do, while his shift lever will be straight out even with the footpeg.

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