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I want to say that I really enjoy your magazine. Inde i eagerly wait to obtain the following month’s issue. Things i am writing about is, if you have anything within the works for headlight testing. I know that several of the current and also past editors have said ways to increase your riding time through going at night. If you don’t have anything in the works, would you become willing to for those of us that are looking to explore this kind of driving? I have 1996 KTM 300 MXC that this previous owner experienced installed the light. Unfortunately, it not an excellent gentle. I have looked at several different choices and not sure the very best route to get between halogen, HID and LED. It would be nice to understand the spread and also throw that the lights produce. This way those of us that are looking to night ride can decide what is the best one for our kind of riding. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing a person or seeing the test in an up and coming concern. Thanks once again. Oh, I enjoy the brand new format. Continue the good work.

John Eicher

Edon, OH

John, night riding is definitely an amazing method to increase the quantity of hours in a day (night) to rip up the grime. We are presently testing out a few different helmet lights from different companies and also you’ll see those article in future problems of Dirt Rider. I can tell you from personal experience which i love the Escasa Designs Strykr helmet lights and often go driving at night with just one of those attached with my helmet as well as I’ve used with great success helmet lights from Trail Tech. If you are looking for a bicycle light, Baja Styles and Trail Tech create systems that are insane bright but will require the stator on your own bike to be rewound to produce more juice to power the lights. An item that earned a mention in Grime Rider’s Product of the season is the Baja Styles Squadron LED gentle. It pumps away serious lighting power and is lightweight. Have a look at and also for complete helmet light systems and awesome bike systems which will have the night time looking like daylight. – Adam Booth

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