Notice of the Week – Malcolm Smith answers “Better Every Year”

Malcolm for LOTW story WM

[Malcolm Smith, guest editor of the January 2014 issue, answers a reader letter]

What do you think is the most important advancement in off-road motorcycle technology in the last 30 years? And what element of the modern dirt bike do you think is due for a major advancement?

Brent Thomas

Via facebook. com/dirtridermag

When the new bikes come out I always ride them and they really are better than the last year’s bikes. But I’m so stubborn I usually say that it was better last year. Therefore i ride them back to back several times, then I realize, ‘Boy, the new ones are better! ’ I rode my old ’82 Husky, We tried to ride it fast and am don’t know how I did it! It was like a pogo stick. But with all of the new technology on these bikes, what do you do when the computer blows a fuse? —Malcolm

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