Letter of the Week – Gas It!

Darby Hodges CRF250X LOTWstory

I have been a subscriber for approximately eight years. Recently my daughters had to sell magazines for a school fundraiser so in order to do a good action I renewed my subscription as well as added a couple of other moto magazines as well. I received the first issue of one of the new rags the other day and it was like reading one of those pasted together ransom notes. Over stimulation. They are so concerned with being awesome that they forgot that their mag is sold to people because they want to READ about dirt bikes. All of their articles seem to jump several pages between ads and it’s so busy that it’s hard to follow even on the same page. Your layout has a movement to it and the advertisements are placed in ways where I actually want to see what they are promoting instead of just turning the page to finish the article I was reading. In short you guys put out a quality item that actually gets your readers to understand the articles, content, AND ads. Enough of that. I am including a image of my bike that I lately put a lot of work into considering that times are tight and I can’t afford a new bike right now. I have a 2005 CRF 250X. I wear new Acerbis plastics, a DO chain, Vortex sprockets, Bridgestone M203/M204 tires, BRP chain guide, A single Industries graphics, and I hand polished the particular frame to a new factory shine! Most importantly, I put a new piston, rings, and stainless valves in it. I love to ride when I am not really out to sea working as a tug-boater towing gasoline barges around the east coast, and I take all of your magazines to work so that I have something to read while I am out to sea for three weeks. My thee weeks upon / three weeks off routine makes for a pretty good rotation to obtain plenty of riding in. Keep up the good function and thanks for putting out a good magazine with out causing me to obtain medication for ADD.

Darby Hodges

Claxton, GA

You’re out there at sea for three weeks with a barge of gasoline then you obtain plenty of riding in when you get home? I hope your boss doesn’t go to this website because that sounds a little… fishy.

On a separate note, when it comes time to renew your Dirt Rider subscription, it’s generally best to do it straight through the mag. We have as much control over those 3rd party magazine service centers as Ford has quality control over the “Hondo CFR450!! ” knock-off you might find a great deal on. – Pete Peterson

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