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I have been the reader of Dirt Rider journal since the late 1980’s, and this is the first time I felt strongly enough to submit a letter. A couple of years ago while surfing the net I stumbled upon a story of an OHV area in danger of closure. Most of us who are active in the off-road world have read similar tales, and like most of you We went ballistic; yelling at the monitor at the injustice, upsetting my dogs and interrupting my wife’s cooking food show she was trying to view. As I continued my rant, my spouse said, “Instead of working on an earlier heart attack, why don’t you do something more productive. ” Of course I was a little indignant at first about her remark, because I was a little perturbed at the State of California, but she was right. After cool down like an overheated KTM 4-stroke upon tight single track without a fan, I did the following and joined these clubs: CORVA (California Off Road Automobile Association), Stewarts of the Sequoias (pro OHV club), Blue Ribbon Coalition, renewed my AMA membership and joined the A. T. L. (Arizona Trail Riders).

I know that times are slim, and I’m lucky enough to have a small extra to give back, but after donating to these organizations I, and my blood pressure, felt a whole lot much better. I ride mostly in Az (adopted state), but I occasionally ride in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia (home state). Even though I am a resident of Arizona and also have never ridden in the Piute Hills (West of Kelso Valley California in the Sequoia Mountains), I chose to adopt a riding area by donating to the Stewarts of the Sequoias. I hope someday I may get the opportunity to ride on those trails, but I may not if we don’t consider proactive steps to prevent further land closures. If you have the means, sign up for a local club and then adopt the in a different region and help your own fellow dirt bike brothers and sisters. The entire off road community is better off whenever we help and support each other.

I know for a fact that the particular Arizona Trail Riders has made a positive impact in our Arizona riding places by working with land owners and governmental land management groups. Assisting your local OHV club will go a long way in keeping your local riding area(s) open. Better yet, donate a little time with that golf club and help with clean-ups, trail restoration and writing letters to the powers-that-be. Through guilt, pressure, persuasion along with a little blackmail I got about 8 of my riding buddies and family members to send letters to the town of Peoria to help preserve the riding spot near Wickenburg AZ. “You” the person reading this letter at this time can make a huge difference by standing up for your rights. There is a lot of truth within the old adage “there is power in numbers. ” Most off-road people are freedom-loving individuals who want to be still left alone. That is why most of us love traveling dirt bikes, but as a consequence of this individualism we as a community do not usually voice our opinions. In case you are mad at the current situation, “do something productive. ” If you are currently in the fight to protect our public lands from uninformed public authorities thank you, and keep up the good work! For the rest of you don’t be like could was for years, waiting for someone else to help keep our riding areas open. Get involved in the fight to preserve our public lands. You will sleep sounder during the night; at least it worked for me. Nice reading this letter, enjoy your off-road motorcycle and stay safe.


Elliott Lyle, Tucson AZ

PS I loved the article upon saving our trails (March 2013 issue), thanks Dirt Rider. We require more Don Riggle’s (Trail Preservation Alliance), Don Hood’s (A. Big t. R. ) and Chris Horgan’s (Stewarts of the Sequoias) if the sport is to survive. Thank you!

You make a great point about riders becoming individualists and that riding area upkeep is one aspect where riding really does become a team sport. You’ve accomplished an excellent job of the impossible – being in more than one place at the same time. Maintain the outstanding effort and keep inspiring more riders to do as you do. – Pete Peterson

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