Jerry Robin Interview – Fast Younger Kid On An Aged Slow Bike

Tale By Pete Peterson
Photo By Betsy Robin

Should you be reading this tale, then you think dirt bikes are cool and you have a computer, so you have likely already seen the net video associated with Jerry Robin racing his dad’s 1985 Honda CR250 in the Loretta’s qualifier at kunne Millville. It was not a CGI special effects trick and it also wasn’t a joke. Sixteen-year-old Jerry Robin qualified to the 28-year-old bike along with finishes within the 250B Mod class of 17-1-7 for eighth overall; as well as the Two-Stroke category he went 1-3-7 for second overall. This individual took the old bicycle to the Loretta’s championships, but some mechanical problems looked like they may prevent him from racing it. I obtained on the phone along with Jerry and his father, Dan, to obtain among the best ‘How I Spent My personal Summer’ tales.

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Pete Peterson: First off, where do this bike originate from?

Serta Robin (dad): I obtained it from the friend of mine about seven or even eight years ago… It had been just therefore i had a bicycle to ride when we went trail driving, like to Grand Junction, Colorado each year, and do a few other trail rides within Minnesota. And I just wanted among those bikes simply because that was the last one I needed when I ran in the past.

Jerry Robin: When we got the 1985 I wanted to trip it every once in a while, then this year when the 125 broke it just kinda escalated where I had to trip it. It really developed from there and then Inde i raced it at kunne Regionals and then all of this happened. I guess it’s pretty cool.

PP: Therefore you were a kun 125 guy. Is that your program, to race Loretta’s on a kun 125?

Jerry: Yes.

PP: What happened to that bicycle?

Jerry: In a Area qualifier the particular transmission went out and didn’t are able to afford to fix it. So then we busted out your CR and i also started riding that and arrange it for me and just rode it.

PP: Serta, what perhaps you may think when you saw your son motoing on this aged bicycle?

Serta: Properly, it’s always been pretty cool viewing him ride it as they started doing some local races onto it probably a year or so back, just once in the while he’d get it done to obtain more track time and keep a while off his kun 125. Every time we busted that thing out and he rode it everyone at the track always thought it was pretty cool. We just did it to keep things interesting.

PP: Jerry, have you ever ran Loretta’s before this season?

Jerry: Yes, this year has been, I think, my seventh time likely to Loretta’s. Inde i made it six many years in a row till this past year.

PP: And when did you choose to race the particular ’85 CR at kunne Loretta’s this summer, knowing what the competition is much like?

Jerry: We decided at Regionals simply because we realized what people thought of it and we didn’t genuinely have enough money to fix the kun 125. People just loved seeing the bike being rode so we just, [thought], ‘Might as well keep it going for Loretta’s. ’ And individuals loved it right now there, so it has been amazing.

PP: Do you think this bicycle maybe puts a target on your back again, or makes cyclists try harder never to lose to you when you’re onto it?

Jerry: Oh, for sure. I felt at Loretta’s, Inde i didn’t feel like people hated me, however I feel just like a lot of individuals were similar to against myself. It’s difficult to explain what I felt but Dont really think another riders liked it as much as Used to do.

PP: As well as Dan, have you got any viewpoint on this from viewing the particular racing?

Serta: At Regionals I was standing in the exercise chute before the initial round of open exercise. And when Jerry opened up there about this bike I believe a couple children thought it was a joke or something. Some kid actually said, ‘Is this a %$*& scam? ’ As well as Jerry just kinda associated with gave him a dirty look. And after that when that round of open practice began and Jerry smoked by everyone of ‘em experiencing the whoops section at Millville, they saw it wasn’t a joke then.

PP: Maybe you have guys ever examined your laptimes to the ’85 bike versus a modern two-stroke?

Jerry: My personal laptimes at kunne Millville, I needed third fastest lap times at kunne Regionals, to ensure that was pretty cool. And at Loretta’s I was probably just a few seconds away my times which i rode [with] the particular ‘07, therefore i don’t think I was that much slower to the ’85. But one big disadvantage about the ’85 is that the fork legs hang down another two inches as well, so it drags with the ruts really bad and you can’t slim it over that far. That’s the only real disadvantage I assumed about that bicycle. But I seemed I rode the particular ’85 pretty good at kunne Loretta’s.

PP: I believe everyone loves to see this bike available, I believe it’s great. And I want to put you guys immediately and ask you how most of this decision is that it fit your budget to race this particular bike and the total amount was it realizing how much interest it would get you?

Jerry: The budget part was just like, after Regionals, so many people helped all of us out to reach Loretta’s and somewhat keep me racing and maintain me practicing as well as riding. Many people helped me and I can’t thank them enough.

Serta: As far as this goes, i was in a spot a few weeks prior to Regionals [after the 125 broke] which our plan was to visit Byron, The state of illinois and do the kun 125 [class] …. I was capable of possibly spend $1500 on on the point of visit Regionals with the 250 at kunne Millville, because it was down the road, or take those chance on getting the bicycle [125] set and getting to the Regional in The state of illinois. And it was a choice we had to make that day and we decided to go for the particular sure thing as well as, ‘Let’s head to Millville initial and just see what goes on. And if you qualify we’ll just worry about obtaining a 250 prior to Loretta’s. ’ And after that all the stuff blew up, people started assisting, that was when we decided to just stick with the CRYSTAL REPORTS through Loretta’s.

PP: And I understand you got invited to South of the Edge. Was that a development from all the attention?

Jerry: Oh yeah, for sure. Ryan Schafer and Mike Burke, they known as us before we’re able to even get free from Millville, really. They called all of us Sunday, to the last day associated with racing, and so they wanted me straight down next week at South of the Edge. But we couldn’t do that because we had my sister’s grad party to visit. [But] being down at South of the Border helped me so much for Loretta’s.

PP: For people who don’t know what, can you give a short explanation of what South of the Border MX is actually?

Jerry: South of the Border is really a training facility within South Carolina in fundamentally this tourist city, so you’ve got the interstate proceeding right by the education facility and that has been pretty cool. You could pretty much proceed anywhere and it has been right there, you didn’t need to travel too far. You could just walk somewhere. It was quite cool how they had it set up, it was like aged 50s style, like strip mall design, where riders could stay and the track was just [about] 200 yards from the hotel room. It was a very cool set up, I loved it.

PP: But then you had some bike problems when you have got to Loretta’s?

Jerry: I believe it was the second lap of exercise, the crank went out of the ’85. That definitely stressed us out. So my arrange for Loretta’s was to race the particular ’85 in both lessons, Two-Stroke as well as 250B Mod, and when the crank when out, South of the Border, they will brought down a bicycle for me to trip. They called many people from the Edge and had them drive down to Loretta’s to drop off a bicycle, and that was a the year of 2007 [Honda CR250]. Inde i rode that within Two-Stroke class, and got the 1985 fixed. We discovered a crank within an extra motor we had that was pretty used up. It had been still in there, not within the greatest form, and then we planned to race the particular 1985 in 250 B Mod and that’s fundamentally it.

PP: Serta, I understand you possessed some heroic moves to get this bicycle capable of running.

Serta: Inde i knew we had the particular bike coming from South of the Border and it also kinda seemed like Jerry would definitely end up racing that in both classes and i also was, Dont really know, the day before his first moto I was sitting there regarding one, one-thirty each morning. Simply sitting there kinda looking at the bike thinking what the heck to perform. A lot of people were really bummed out how the ‘85 wasn’t going to be getting ran. And I do have one more motor sitting there that was in a bicycle that we had. And the electric motor only ran for a few minutes. It had been spewing antifreeze from the head as well as everywhere and it also rattled a bit, and we didn’t think of it like a backup initially until as I was sitting right now there that night; Choice I better get that thing apart and find out what’s happening, maybe I could salvage something. So when Inde i took it apart I possibly could tell the particular piston was pretty loose in the cylinder, and we had the other cylinder that Chad Watts had done, and I had a new piston for this, therefore i examined the particular crankshaft, and it also didn’t seem really bad, a minimum of worth a go to build. Therefore i stayed up all night, swapped the very best end over from motor that broke onto the bottom finish that I had, put it bleary the bike and took it over to a practice track for about 45 minutes and it seemed to run very good, and we decided to race that in one category. And the reason we didn’t get it done in both lessons, I just didn’t quite trust the electric motor to go so long. But now, since that time Jerry’s raced the particular bike at a few local races furthermore, it is still hanging together. Who really knows, maybe the thing will still be running next year.

PP: And how body about shedding your trail bike to this young racerbil?

Serta: Oh I’m all right by using it. It had been always fun viewing him ride it, but next spring or whenever we reach go to Grand Junction again I’ll become riding it when we go trail driving. I didn’t really get rid of it.

PP: Does this bike have a nickname?

Serta: A friends named it “Godzilla. ”

Jerry’s outcomes on the the year of 2007 CR250R within the Two-Stroke class were 1-5-1 for first overall – that’s a National Amateur Championship. On the 1985 bike within the 250B Mod category he went 9-18-17 for 11 th overall.


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