1st Impression: 2015 Husqvarna FC two hundred and fifty

2015 Husqvarna FC250

Knight In White Plastic


By Michael Barrett || Photos by Adam Booth


2015 Husqvarna FC250 Husqvarna is coming out strong in 2015, fielding a factory motocross group and looking to have a great calendar year of racing under their belts. For the New Year the Husqvarna FC 250 small bore motocross four-stroke has some fresh upgrades. Although nothing to drastic has changed, a few small refinements did improve handling and comfort while also dropping a little bodyweight. How did it do this? Read on and discover.


Most of our test riders were happier with the new, lighter weight WP 4CS fork for 2015. Our own lighter riders didn’t have any complaints about the stock settings, but the heavier guys found it necessary to go a couple clicks stiffer on compression and rebound to help the front end settle coming into corners. A few clicks gave the fork better hold up and helped soak up all those hard hits for testers more than 175 pounds. Having the compression plus rebound clicker dials on top of the particular forks made it very easy to play with settings while out on the track. If the fork was diving a little too much, simply slowing down on the track gave us enough time to go the click or two stiffer or even softer without having to stop. The new 4CS is more compliant than last year’s fork and is more consistent around the track. However , it still includes a slight harsh feeling that we simply couldn’t get rid of (by adjusting clickers) through the mid stroke. The 4CS is a better direction for Husqvarna, especially for rider comfort.

2015 Husqvarna FC250 clickers

The new shell can’t take all the credit for that improved handling though. A longer shock shaft and revised linkage also improved the feel of the rear of the bike with a little better bump absorption. Much like the fork, our lighter riders were happy with the stock settings while the bigger guys needed to go a few clicks stiffer to the low speed compression to keep the particular shock from blowing through the heart stroke. It impressed us that Husqvarna can come up with a setting that works for such a wide range of riders. Overall, the FC 250 is better balanced entering and exiting corners for 2015 and gives the rider a great feel for what the bike is doing. It doesn’t do anything drastic and is very predictable.

2015 Husqvarna FC250 action

The reinforced polyamide subframe is also a new function along with a new seat cover materials. Some riders complained about the brand new seat cover material being as well stiff, but we think that will break-in over time – at least we hope so. The subframe still has some good hand grabs for putting your bike on the stand. Just remember to not grab the rear fender because it is not meant to support the bike’s bodyweight. Another minor issue we had were the seat bolts; they are tucked restricted into the hand grabs and the just way to get them out is with a typical 8mm t-handle or small outlet. Anything bigger will not fit. Not really that you will have to get under the seat frequently, but the battery is in there, so eventually owners will know what we are usually talking about. Just make sure you have the right tools and this will not be an issue.

2015 Husqvarna FC250

As for the Engine, it doesn’t have a ton of low end, and you will need to ride it a lot more aggressively than other 250F’s (similar to the KTM 250 SX-F). Once in the mid- to top-end the particular bike really pulls hard, but to some testers it felt like it revved through the RPM’s a little too fast. Slower riders wanted a little more torque down low, while the faster guys wanted it to pull a little bit longer on fast straights. The mapping switch on the bars gives you a little room to play with the character of the engine. One setting broadened the power and the other made it rev quicker. The less aggressive setting required a little off the bottom, but was softer and pulled longer which was good for hard pack or advanced conditions. The aggressive setting made the bike rev quicker, which usually worked well for short moving testers, and also worked well whenever we rode sandier type tracks.

2015 Husqvarna FC250

Some, being apart of the KTM household now, the Husqvarna FC two hundred and fifty comes standard with some awesome elements. The Brembo 260mm front braking system stands alone in stopping energy, the hydraulic clutch always has a pleasant feel, along with that amazing small electric start button. Some brand new Neken bars and the black anodized DID rims finish off a solid deal for 2015. We will be including the 2015 Husqvarna FC 250 in our two hundred and fifty Motocross Shootout to see how it ranks among its peers. Look for the 250 Shootout in the Feb issue of Dust Rider Magazine.

2015 Husqvarna FC250

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