Factory Bike Friday: RJ Hampshire’s Factory Connection Honda CRF450R

< h3> Mechanic: Shawn Irwin< /h3>


RJ Hampshire surprised at this year’s Loretta Lynn’s AMA Motocross Championships, sweeping all four motos in the A Classes and successful the coveted AMA Horizon Honor. Hampshire signed over a year back with Factory Connection and this 7 days he’s make his Pro debut at Unadilla. While at Loretta Lynn’s we have the chance to check out Hampshire’s rookie bike.


According to Hampshire’s mechanic, Shawn Irwin, you can’t get real crazy along with exotic parts in the amateur rates without people wanting to protest you or claim your bike, yet RJ’s bike still has some awesome items to talk about.


As far as suspension, Irwin says that RJ likes their suspension “in the medium range” but he likes the rear end to sit lower than usual. “He kind of likes to be off the back again of the bike a little bit, ” states Irwin. “We lower the rear with various shock settings. ”


Of course , all of the suspension work is done in-house with Factory Connection.


The triple clamps are made by Factory Connection, after some bit different offset, but nothing as well crazy, according to Irwin.


The wheel base is shortened up, too, even though for the most part, Irwin says that the associated with RJ’s set up is pretty Vanilla.


“He’s not super picky on everything except his brakes, and he likes the front to be super firm, therefore his brake lever is far out there, ” says Irwin. “He likes his levers pretty even – kind of down a little bit like a “Dungey” setup. ”


In keeping with the particular “vanilla” theme, RJ doesn’t run a “hump seat”, or ribs, only a plain seat cover.


The brakes are stock with an over-sized disc up front made by Moto Stuff.


Based on Irwin, the motor is basically stock and they actually had to be de-tuned a bit to keep it under RJ.


The ignition is by Vortex and Athena helps with internal engine components.


As far as aftermarket goodies, the exhaust is really a full Ti unit by Yoshimura. The footpegs are by Raptor. The SX Race Pro Taper bars with ARC levers.


TM Designworks supplies the chain guide.


In terms of tires, RJ kikes an aggressive bite so he runs the particular Dunlop MX 32 tires front and rear.



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