Manufacturing plant Bike Friday: Kailub Russell’s KTM 300 XC


Auto technician: Tanner Harding


Kailub Russell normally rides a KTM three hundred and fifty XC-F in GNCC competition; however , this weekend he made an appearance on the Tennessee Knockout in Sequatchie, Tennessee, where he rode a 300 XC two-stroke. The TKO is a intense extreme off-road race, with lots of nasty rocks and roots ready to snag inattentive riders. We examined in with Kailub’s mechanic, Tanner Harding, before the TKO to get the lowdown upon Kailub’s bike for that race.


The particular motor is done in-house by Manufacturing plant Services, and according to Harding, Kailub was running the “standard two-stroke” setup for this race, which include a good FMF “Fatty” exhaust pipe with a Powercore 2 silencer and a KTM pipe guard. The entire KTM stock team uses the X-Trig three-way clamps, with the PHDS bar brackets.


“The big thing that sets apart this race from others is definitely we are running electric start, ” says Harding. “With that, we need to run a different wiring harness and also a battery, so the bike is a little heavier. At this race, there’s more chance of stalling the bike and sometimes they are in a position where it’s difficult to kick start the bike. ”


The particular team was split when it reached what to run inside the tires, with Kailub opting for a mousse, whilst Taylor Robert ran Tire Tennis balls.


Darren “Rookie” Sorenson is KTM’s suspension guy, and according to Harding, Sorenson has come up with a really good endurocross setting and that’s what Kailub ran at the TKO, which is a little bit softer than a GNCC setup.


Kailub runs a slotted Galfer disc on the rear, which makes the bike stop on a dime, according to Harding. Harding thinks the slots chew into the pads, which gives Kailub that aggressive feel. A Zip-Ty Shark Fin protects the rear rotor.


The front rotors are the Moto-Master floating systems from KTM Power Parts, which are the same size as stock.


Harding put a fan on Kailub’s radiator for the TKO, to keep the bike from over-heating. Harding stated they will run a bigger radiator pertaining to next week’s endurocross in The atlanta area.


Kailub ran a Rekluse guide clutch for the TKO, but Harding said he will switch to the car clutch for the endurocross.


The pubs are Renthal and the levers are by ARC.


Finally, the slide plate is made by Force Accessories, the same he ran at King of the Motos, which is super challenging according to Harding.

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