Stock Bike Friday: Jimmy Albertson’s Honda CRF450R

Mechanic: Greg Albertson

Jimmy Albertson has one of the trickest “non-factory” bikes in the pits, his Motosport. com/Crossland Racing Honda is fairly sweet looking. Merge Racing does all of the suspension and motor work on Albertson’s bike. But as far as the chassis goes, mechanic Greg Albertson says they run a lot of stock products.

As far aftermarket replacement stuff, the team runs an FMF exhaust, Cycra plastic and Renthal products. They also use Brembo brakes, which are supplied through Dubya. Dubya also supplies the hubs.

“On the brakes, we’re running the stock system, but we swapped out the front brake master cylinder with Brembo, and we are running an over-sized Brembo front side disc. ”

The particular triple clamps are stock, even though team has made modifications to accept the particular fork they are running. The fork is a hybrid put together by Combine that uses larger diameter pipes. It was something that was still in the team’s budget and they saw immediate gains with them.

Probably the coolest thing on the bike is really a Rekluse auto clutch, the latest EXP model. “That’s one thing we tested this year and we actually saw a noticable difference in lap times, ” says Albertson. “A lot of people simply don’t understand the auto clutch, but once you try one and understand how it works then it can help your periods. We haven’t seen any slippage or horsepower loss, it’s many been positives. ”

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