Manufacturing plant Bike Friday: Dakota Tedder’s KX250F

Mechanic: Damon Conkright

The particular highlight of Dakota Tedder’s period in the 2014 West 250 SX class is an 11th at this year’s round in San Diego. His Group Tedder Kawasaki KX250F is definitely among the trickest of the non-Pro Circuit/GEICO Honda bikes, and his crew chief Damon Conkright does all the motor function himself, although he relies greatly on Pro Circuit parts, and also Pro Circuit suspension work.

Pro Circuit supplies plus services the suspension, which include SFF forks and a works shock having an RCS Ti spring. The rear shock linkage is made by Pro Signal, and it’s a length that was recommended by Pro Circuit’s Bone tissues Bacon.

According to Conkright, Tedder is a heavier kid great settings are quite a bit heavier than most of the riders.

The particular triple clamps are XTrig, plus Conkright says the team examined lots of other brands before settling on XTrig.

“Dakota thought he previously a better feel for the front wheel with the XTrig, and it turns much better, ” says Conkright. “They have a 23mm offset and a 21mm plus Dakota liked the 21mm the very best for supercross. ”

On to the brakes, there is a Galfer UltraLight Tsunami rotor in the front as well as a Tsunami rotor in the rear. For that pads, Tedder runs an organic protect for supercross, which Conkright states are very aggressive, but don’t long lasting enough for outdoors.

The rear brake caliper has a titanium piston and is connected to the master cylinder by Galfer brake lines. The front braking system lever is ARC made of the stiff composite, while the clutch handle is a softer composite because clutch system springs are relatively stiff.

The exhaust system is another Professional Circuit item, but the team will get systems specially made for Tedder.

Like we mention over, Conkright does the motors utilizing a lot of Pro Circuit parts.

“We use a Pro Signal CNC head, Pro Circuit regulators, and a few other items that are not available to the public, ” says Conkright. “We also use a GET ECU that people program ourselves, Hinson clutch discs and basket with PC suspension systems, and we use RaceTech titanium. ”

“Dakota likes the ability to come on hard, and he usually wants more, ” adds Conkright. “So we give him as much as we are able to, we don’t hold back. ”

The radiators are stock, but Conkright welds them up in case Tedder goes down. During the outside season, the team runs 400 radiators.

The tires are built by Dubya with Talon carbon fiber hubs and DID rims. Meanwhile, the air filter is a DT1, which is bigger than the stocker.

The footpegs are the Raptor pegs without the center gussets, which Conkright says last a long time. They also how to use RK chain and Renthal sprockets.

Finally, the team uses VP Fuel, which they state is much more consistent than anything else offered.

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