Manufacturer Bike Friday: Colton Haaker’s Honda CRF450R

Colton Haaker grabbed his second earn of the season at this weekend’s round of the GEICO AMA EnduroCross collection in Denver, Colorado. We took a look at Haaker’s Rockstar/Lucas Oil/JCR Honda CRF450R before the Denver race with the help of their mechanic, Eric Siraton.


According to Siraton, Pro Circuit does the team’s suspension, and Haaker likes their suspension a lot softer than the majority of the guys on the EnduroCross circuit. “It absorbs quick impacts better that way, and that’s what Colton wants, ” says Siraton. “He’s functioning really well with the air fork as well as the Fox shock, they seem to suit his riding style. ”


Haaker runs X-Trig triple clamps, plus Siraton says they have the capability to run the offset at anywhere from 20mm to 22mm, depending on the circumstances. In Denver, Haaker ran it with 22mm.


Haaker runs Renthal Dual Wall Bars with Works Connection clutch perch and a Motion Professional Revolver throttle assembly.


As far as brakes, Haaker runs a carbon fiber Acerbis disk guard to protect the Galfer disks. The brake pads are Galfer, as well. Meanwhile, the calipers are OEM.


In the engine department, Haaker runs a factory cam, that is designed to tame the Honda’s substantial power output to a certain diploma and give it more torque. The custom made Pro Circuit pipe is designed to do the same.


The chain will be DID, while the sprockets are Renthal. Siraton says that Haaker rarely varies from his 12T/53T set up. Siraton says they might drop the tooth at the rear for a actually fast course. There is a BRP string block guiding the chain.


Like many of the other factory EnduroCross bikes, Haaker’s Honda is a two-speed, only using first and second of the share setup. The team also uses a special Hinson clutch, which is unavailable to the public. Siraton says it’s substantially better than the stock clutch system and should be available soon.


The shift lever is by IMS, so if Haaker hits a rock throughout a race, then he can easily bend it back into shape without damaging the shift shaft.


Haaker runs the super sticky Dunlop tires, designed especially for EnduroCross competition.


As far as personal preference items, Haaker runs IMS footpegs, which are offset backwards from OE.


Finally, Siraton says that Colton is particular about his settings, but at the same time he’s really easy to utilize. “We’ve got a really good bike set up, and we’ve been refining it over the last two years, ” says Siraton. “He knows what he enjoys and I think we’ve got it dialed in. ”

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