Stock Bike Friday: Ben Lamay’s Stone River Yamaha YZ450F

Mechanic: Ryan Bailey


Group Rock River Yamaha’s Ben Lamay had injuries that kept him from racing the entire 2014 AMA Beast Energy Supercross Series. Lamay has since healed from those accidents so it’s back to work for mechanic and close friend Ryan Bailey. All of us caught up with the Colorado raised Bailey recently to see what the number forty eight Yamaha is all about.


“Ben is surprisingly pretty mellow and he’s not really too picky on his set up” Bailey stated. “He’s really only picky with his handlebar setting. Merely move it a little he will observe and will adjust it. Most bikers are similar with their handlebar set-ups”.


“We use JGR suspension and engines here at Rock River Yamaha. All of us work closely with the east coastline based team. JGR will do all of the motors at their shop within North Carolina and ship it back in order to us ready to go. We carry a single spare motor with us to all the particular races just in case there are any malfunctions. Our motors are similar to the JGR team, except transmissions, we run stock transmissions. We usually exchange out for fresh motors every 3rd race. Johnny Oler from JGR does our suspension and he has a really good spec for Ben at the moment in Supercross. Since we began the series we haven’t changed valving on the SSS suspension, only clicker adjustments”.


FMF takes care of all of the muffler needs. We have a special muffler system that goes with our engine package. Braking oversize front brake discs with Dubya USA Talon hubs and Excel A60’s. Vortex V3 oversize bars are mounted on the particular 22mm offset Xtrig triple clamps. Raptor pegs are used with a little additional sharpening by Bailey himself.


The GYTR full clutch kit is used, along with Renegade 4 plus competition fuel. Another cool trick part is the adjustable subframe that the JGR team came up with for their race bicycles. Ben runs the subframe at a 10mm lower setting for supercross. “If we wanted to go lower we’re able to, there are massive amounts of adjustments from it. We can adjust the rear of the bike on demand versus having to exchange out subframes. There is so much adjustability now, which means we do not have to reduce subframes, plus it saves me a great deal of time during the week”.




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