Dropping In On: Taddy Blazusiak

Taddy Blazusiak

Taddy Blazusiak has moved into the lead of the 2014 AMA Endurocross championship following a winning ride on round four of the series within Atlanta, Georgia. Returning to competition following the championship’s two-month break, Taddy elected to race on his KTM three hundred and fifty and secured a solid main event win ahead of Cody Webb and Colton Haaker.

Queen: Another Endurocross event under your belt and another competition victory to your credit, how has been your Atlanta win?

A: Yeah one more race done and it’s great to have got another win. I have been looking forward to getting back to racing Endurocross for a long time so to have got the win is great. It wasn’t an easy race as Cody was riding great, but I feel like I rode well and that’s important.

Q: You’ve returned to Endurocross following the summer break on a 350cc machine, what’s the reason for the modify?

A: I loved racing the two hundred fifity but I felt like I wasn’t getting the starts I needed. Getting back on the 350 was something we started talking about a while back. It is a bike I know well and have had success on – it seemed like the right thing to do. I got an excellent start in Atlanta and got the win, so I’m pleased that individuals made the call to switch to the three hundred and fifty.

Q: Although you got the holeshot and the win you didn’ capital t have things all your own method. Talk us through the main event.

A: Generally I’m really pleased with the way I raced. I got a great start plus won the race, which are the 2 most important things, but Cody has been riding well and I made some mistakes that I’m not happy along with. When Cody moved into the lead I could see that he was pushing 100 per cent. I was happy to follow him because I knew with all the track the way it was it was likely to be a tough race. I guess it was mid-race when I started to push tougher. I got back into the lead plus managed to open up a pretty good benefit at the finish.

Taddy Blazusiak

Q: How important was it for you to win at the re-start of the championship?

A: It’s very important. I had some fluctuations during the opening races. It’s tough having to work for weeks to be looking forward to the first race of the series, then having a big break before the 2nd round. With three races within October and two in November I really feel like I have something to obtain my teeth stuck into today. I want to win the Endurocross name again and I feel good out on monitor. It’s easy to stay focused and inspired when you know that the next race is just a few weeks away.

Q: Things are extremely tight at the top of the series standing up between yourself, Webb and Haaker. Are you looking forward to what’s creating to be a close title fight?

A: I think it’s going to be a great fight for the Endurocross title. Both Cody and Colton are riding very well and want to win. Winning Endurocross can be never easy so every point will count from now on. I feel like I am riding well, but so are they will. Thinking about points and not just going for competition wins is going to be important. It’s likely to be fun.

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