Shedding In On: Russell Bobbitt

Russell Bobbitt

Four-time national enduro champ Russell Bobbitt broke his kneecap more than six months ago, but returned to action at last week’s Little Dark brown Jug National Enduro in Marriage, South Carolina. The FMF/Husqvarna-backed rider from Georgia rode to a credible 6th overall in the 65-mile race and even finished as high as third in one of the testing.

Dirt Rider spoke to Bobbitt after the race.

Q: You’ve already been off the bike for a long time. How do you feel coming into the race is to do you think you were ready?

A: Coming into this race I knew we all weren’t expecting me to be totally. I still have a little bit to go to be stronger and I just wanted to return into racing and put in a good solid finish.

Q: Sixth can be quite good. What do you think of your performance?

A: I am pretty happy with my results for the day and my knee actually seems pretty good after a long, rough time. It’s just one step at a time getting back into racing and this was my first race back in a long time, so it feels great to be back in the bike and to be racing once again.

Q: You posted the third-fastest time in the second test of the day. Do you expect to do that well?

A: I had been pretty pumped to get third within the last test, especially since it was all in all, which means I’m getting back in shape.

Q: So now that you’ve got a competition under your belt, what is the plan in the years ahead?

A: I plan on doing the Indiana race on the 14th and just start building from there.

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