Losing In On: Nick Fahringer

Nick Fahringer


Nick Fahringer has seen a significant points prospect slowly slip away in the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series due to a knee injury he suffered two days before the Pennsylvania round of the schedule. Nick suffered a torn ligament in a practice crash accident plus since that time he has ridden two models with the injury, finishing 10 th in Pa and sixth this past weekend in Colorado. With two rounds leftover on the schedule, Nick sits eighteen points out of the championship lead behind Andrew DeLong and Jesse Groemm.

We checked in with “Ringer” to see how he is performing and what is going on with his knee.


Q: Tell us how you injured your leg.


A: To prepare for round 7 of the national enduro series We went to Pennsylvania a few days early in order to ride with Andrew Delong. Matters weren’ t feeling right on the particular bike but I tried to push through them and it eventually obtained me. I deflected off of the log, and rag-dolled and hit a tree hard with our leg resulting in a second-degree MCL rip.

I was pretty shaken and I knew I had messed personally up. I could barely walk and am was sick over hurting personally before the race.


Q: Did you get it checked out before the race?


The: Yes, at sunrise on Friday I rolled down to Penn Condition to be checked out by their orthopedic doctor to find the extent of the damage. Having a partial MCL tear, no surgical procedure is needed which was great news as I’ ve been down that street and I was already expecting the worst. They said to rest it three to four weeks and it should heal. We later found that a bound surprise linkage bearing was the culprit behind the ill handling that triggered the crash.


Q: Was presently there any question about racing in PA?


A: Sitting out and viewing the points lead slip aside was not an option but I didn’t want to hurt my knee any more. I chose to ride conservatively, obtaining whatever points I could without risking my health. I was successful in that by walking away having a 10th and only falling 3 points behind Andrew.


Q: So you experienced two weeks before the Colorado round.


The: Yeah, I spent the week prior to Colorado mountain biking in order to acclimate my body to the altitude, improve my knee, and rebuild some riding confidence with some downhill operates. I felt significantly better in the beginning in Colorado than I did in PA, but my leg was still far from stable.


Q: How did the knee feel during the race?


A: I had some pain putting my knee braces on and getting back on my Husqvarna, yet a tall seat helped. The mechanic had a brand new bike dialed in that really instilled some confidence. Once I got started, I was having a good time being back and turned times that were better than expected, considering the time away and inability to push the particular bike around well with our left boot. Taking a sixth in Colorado was great as everybody was flying, but I was devastated in order to fall to an 18-point deficit.


Q: So what is the plan going forward?


The: The good news is I have thee weeks to organize for a come back in South Carolina’ s round nine, not not even close to where I am living in Georgia. Winning the championship this year will be properly earned by anyone despite some absent top riders, Bobbitt plus Mullins. Each of the guys in legislation have had their issues yet are pinning it right now. For me the particular championship will fall where it may, but I am aiming to sweep the final two races for a shot in it.

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