Shedding In On Ken Roczen

Story and Photos by Shan Moore

Ken Roczen

The 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Series will be expected to be one of the most competitive actually, with no less than four 450-class AMA Supercross champions filling the main grid. Adding to the mix are a handful of visible rookies coming into the season with expectations of unseating the veterans. It was one of those rookies, Ken Roczen, who also came away with the first earn of the season at Anaheim one, the Red Bull KTM rider taking and exciting and relatively unexpected win to kick off the newest season.

With the win, Roczen has established himself as one of the favorites to win the 2014 season, along with Ryan Villopoto, Wayne Stewart and a handful of others. Grime Rider spoke with the former MX2 World Champion to get his ideas on the 2014 season.

Q: How exactly does it feel to get this earn?

A: It feels amazing. I never expected this, to be honest.

Q: Those that have made you decide to move to the 450 course?

A: I was always a guy who transferred up early. I raced 250s in the German championship when I simply turned 13. My goal was normally to be top of the class. I’m a legitimate fan of the big bike, I love the power, and so I was ready to move up. I think even if I didn’t earn the 250 title last year I might have moved up.

Q: How big of a step is it moving in the 250 West Regional series towards the 450 AMA Supercross class?

A: It’s a huge step, but I think the biggest part is the bike. Just because you can ride a 250 well does not mean you can ride a 450 well. All of the guys in the 450 class have a lot of experience and so are tough competitors, so it’s a huge jump.

Q: You have been spending time along with Ryan Villopoto and also with Thomas Dungey. How is it hanging out with your competitors?

A: It’s great down there; Florida will be insane when it comes to training and there’s no traffic down there, so I love it. We have a good group and we have fun together and it takes out mind off the training a little bit and makes elements a little easier.

Ken Roczen

Q: Most recently, you have been residing in Florida and training with Thomas Villopoto and Adam Cianciarulo. How s that?

A: I don’t really have a problem along with anyone in general; we are enemies at the track, but we still have to have a life. I think it’s important to retain it fun and hanging out with those guys will be fun.

Q: Was this a big adjustment for you, moving towards the 450?

A: I think I will do better at the 450. I really like the power, I think I could deal with it good, and I’ve always liked the bigger engines, so I’m all about it. I think I’m the kind of rider that uses the strength, I’m really smooth, so I did not have to change my style in any way, I felt comfortable right away.

Q: How is your arm and how do you injure it?

A: The supply is good, it’s 100% so I’m ready to go. There was a triple phase on and I landed on the triple and my chain actually arrived off. So , not my problem but that’s the way it is.

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