Dropping In On: Cody Webb

Cody Webb sitting on Beta

American Beta rider Cody Webb has his sights set with an AMA GEICO EnduroCross championship within 2014. The tall lanky rider from Northern California was straight down south to train for the X-Games, so we decided to sit down with him and see what his upcoming plans are.


Q: How does it feel to get the “W” at Round one of the AMA GEICO EnduroCross Series?

The: It feels great to win so early. The last couple years I seemed to get of to a slow start and then We end up picking it up towards the end of the year. This is how I wanted to start off the season, but I wasn’t planning on it.


Q: Have you changed your program whatsoever from last year?

A: My plan is pretty much the same. I kept the trusty two-stroke Beta 300RR cause it’s so good to fling around, especially in the rocks with its lightweight feeling. It seems to fit me better plus it’s a blast to ride. I am training on my bicycle a lot more this year and putting more miles in, so that helps with my cardio a ton. It’s kind of tough along with school but I break up so I can go to the gym in between lessons.


Q: How s being a professional off-road racer plus being a full time student? Is it tough to balance both?

A: Yes, it is very tough for me to balance. I do the minimum at school to meet the entire time status, which are three lessons per semester. I made several sacrifices at school leading in to Vegas to be on the bike a lot more. I missed some days but when the Vegas round was over, We hit it pretty hard at school for a couple weeks to get swept up. Hopefully I will get my marks back soon and it will show directly A’s!

Cody Webb riding over logs

Q: It looks like your riding style has changed some this year. Coming from a trials background what have you been doing to change your riding style for EnduroCross?

A: I have been definitely stepping up my motocross game this past year, to help which includes of my weaknesses on the EnduroCross track. I have been doing my research at home to help me get more aggressive out on the track. With my trials skills that are in place, with my moto skills getting better, I believe I will be a well-rounded off-road racer.


Q: Are these the best expectations for X-Games?

A: I believe I am adding more pressure to personally with getting the first win from the season. I have had a lot of success lately so I’m going generally there to win. I have got a few silver medals and one bronze, therefore the only thing that is missing from your mantle at home is a gold.


Q: We hear that you might be riding Erzburg this year?

A: Yes! I will be racing Erzburg this year and getting help from Beta in Europe. I won King Of The Motos a couple times therefore I’m kind of going off of that will. I know Erzburg is tough, yet I think my fitness and my long legs will help me with the tougher sections. A lot of it will be staying strong mentally and if you make a mistake you have to learn how to correct it in a rush. It will be a learning year for me personally so I just want to do the best I can. There are a few Americans going this year so it will be like an American power group. It would be awesome to see all of us in the top five or ten.


Queen: What is one thing that nobody knows about Cody Webb?

A: I used to be a pretty good basketball player. I started in sixth grade and continued through high school. I was the second highest scorer on my high school team! We hardly play anymore however , because it hurts too much to run and cut from having a plate in my feet. I stopped growing at 6’3 and I didn’t play point guard, so I wasn’t going to cut it in the NBA.


Q: When the season comes to a close, exactly what are you going to be satisfied with?

A: We finished second in the EnduroCross championship in the past, so I am here to win a championship in 2014. I put in a lot of hard work to be here so that is my goal this season.

Cody Webb jumping into rocks

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