2014 Honda CRF250R Web Test – Huge Red’s Mid-Sized Steed

Simply by Sean Klinger and Kris Keefer
Photos by Received Ruiz

2014 CRF250R

2014 Honda CRF250R

With Eli Tomac piloting a ’13 Honda CRF250R to an AMA National Championship, it is obvious that Huge Red’s quarter liter thumper was created with a winning mixture. Yet in the fickle regarding professional motocross racing, particularly in the 250F class, things can transform rapidly and a small tweak right here and a little alter there can mean the main between sweet triumph and crushing beat.

Regarding 2014, Honda decided not to depend on small changes but rather look to the actual 250F’s bigger brother regarding inspiration and take most of the major changes the CRF450R received regarding 2013 and apply them to the actual 2014 CRF250R. Beginning with the obvious, the actual 250F’s frame geometry has changed reflecting the final year’s 450R frame changes. These changes are to lower the actual bike’s center of gravity and improve the handling with a brand new framespar/headtube junction. Next, the radiators are actually lowered to increase mass centralization and help create a lighter, more maneuverable feel. Also, the actual CRF250R has brand new debris-shielding footpeg supports. Basically, this is a small expansion of plastic that covers the footpeg hinge to keep malicious rocks and mud from gathering.

2014 Honda CRF250R dual exhaust

One more glaring change is really a return of the dual-muffler exhaust system which originally graced the ’06-’09 year models of the actual CRF250R. Based on Honda the original twin-muffler design had been focused on improving handling and balance, but was abandoned in 2010 since which year’s frame was brand new and a solitary sided exhaust better accompanied the new frame. This particular year’s muffler configuration is again aimed at stability but also has more related to meeting sound regulations (producing 94 die bahn. ) and engine performance gains.

2014 Honda CRF250R rear view

2014 Honda CRF250R frame / motor
Within a request, we experienced that the bike handled better than the 2015 model and direction alter is also improved using the 2014 CRF. You can obtain in to a rut easier and when you wish to reject early from the berm, it is done better using the new framework. Straight-line stability has not been sacrificed with this newfound carving ability.

Next, you’ll notice brand new plastics and these are shared with the actual Honda’s 450, and also the one 66-gallon vehicle’s gas tank (up from one five gallons), air package, and subframe. Plus they are not only similar, they are exactly the same. The heart of the reddish colored beast has the identical engine architecture as last year’s model, but boasts a new cyl-head, brand new piston and higher data compresion ratio. Honda technical engineers said that these changes were really centered on bottom-end strike, claiming the ’14 CRF250R is noticeably snappier. To complement the powerplant changes, the EFI has a brand new Dual-Timing PGM-FI fuel shot system that is nevertheless just one injector, but splits the squirt associated with fuel into two signal. The quantity of fuel utilized is the same as nicely as the amount of time the fuel is being injected, but the first pulse is appropriate before the valve opens which cools across the intake valve somewhat. A change within engine character isn’t necessarily noticed on the dynamometer, but is targeted at bettering engine response and making for a crisper jetted machine.

2014 Honda CRF250R corner

2014 Honda CRF250R action

Immediately, we could tell that the 2014 design had better throttle response and more torque out of corners. It pulls harder than the 2013 in 2nd gear and will enable you to get out of loamy berms or tight ruts in a hurry. This is where our smile started to turn inverted. Mid variety and top end appeared flatter than the 2015. Shifting into third gear, the bike felt like it didn’t pull as hard or as long as the older brother. Shifting into fourth gear also felt like it wouldn’t pull as quite since hard unless you experienced your finger within the clutch to help it together. If you’re specific with your shifting the actual 2014 feels similar to last year’s bike. The window associated with error just happens to be a small smaller through the center and first class.

2014 Honda CRF250R turning

Front side suspenders haven’t changed externally, retaining exactly the same 48mm Showa container fork, yet internal valving changes were made to complement the brand new frame characteristics. Behind, the actual shock is installed 14mm lower than the actual 2013’s to further bulk centralization. This also creates a slimmer linkage ratio that shouldn’t have any effect on handling, just some thing Honda did because of the lower surprise. The 250R nevertheless uses a Honda Developing Steering Damper (HPSD) but this isn’t noticed too much on a motocross track.

2014 Honda CRF250R jump

The particular suspension felt just like the 2015. It is comfy and predictable, but soft. Front side fork appeared to dive under difficult braking. Additionally, it bottomed out rising steep jump encounters. We stiffened the actual compression many mouse clicks and this helped bring the front end up along with stiffening the actual high-speed compression within the shock. Once this setting was achieved the bike had better balance entering corners or more jump encounters. The track was not too rough with this day so we will continue to ride the actual 2014 CRF250R at a combination of tough Southern California tracks to verify if we have the same opinion.

Overall, the actual 2014 CRF250R proceeds i’s pedigree like a potent and crowd-pleasing race bike. Receiving most of the recent changes that are available on its bigger sibling, only time will inform if these hand-me-downs translate into a blessing or a curse. Be sure to keep an eye out for that full test in the December issue associated with Dirt Rider likely CRF250R’s look in the Grime Driver 250F MX Shootout.

2014 Honda CRF250R jump

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