2003–2005 Kawasaki KX125 – Used Bike

Kawasaki KX125

The Lean, Mean, Green Smokin’ Machine

By Sean Klinger • Photos By DR Archives • From the March 2014 issue of Dirt Rider Publication

2003–2005 Kawasaki KX125: $1, 300–$1, 600

Kawasaki KX125 With the dominance of the current fuel-injected 250cc four-stroke bikes within supercross and motocross, it’s simple to forget the spectacular speed and utter chaos of a racetrack full of screaming eighth-liter two-strokes. Yet that was the situation not too long ago and there are still plenty of 125 two-strokes sitting in garages, bicycle shops, and sheds all across the nation ready to be dusted off, premixed up and taken for a rewrite.

Out of the rainbow of 125s available, the green variety was the last to claim a backyard National title in 2004 having a young Floridian at the helm. The particular racer was James Stewart and the bike was a Kawasaki KX125. The particular KX125 was introduced in 1975 (with an MSRP of $840! ), and the last model for that US was the 2005 version which usually had a steel frame, Kayaba 48mm fork, and a 192-pound claimed dry weight.

The KX wasn’t always at on the top rate of bike shootouts, but it has been always close behind. While it has been difficult to find the perfect balance of convenience and stiffness with the fork, the particular handling and cornering ability had been excellent—above all else, the KX125 sensed nimble and agile. The engine had a strong bottom end, a little bit less in the mid and fell off on the top.

There have been no pinpointable flaws with the 2003–’05 KX125s, as far as wear and tear and durability proceed. The previous model years had several issues with the cylinder surfacing, yet the 2003–’05s had an updated cylinder coating that resolved this problem. The only damaging mark (to some) was lack of top-end power, yet depending on operating style, this might not be an issue.

Kawasaki KX125

Pro Circuit owned the modification division when it comes to the KX125. The PC race team has won a lot of supercross and motocross championships using the little green machine it appeared as if they were cheating. Both PC and FMF have race proven pipes to make the lean green racer’s engine more potent.

Overall, the Kawasaki KX125 is a great choice for a used bike that is simple to work on, has no inherent problems, and has lots of pipes available. You probably won’t become Bubbalicious-fast but one can always dream.

2003-2005 Kawasaki KX125

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