Our Friend … Racing Legend PJ LARSEN!

Name: Peter “PJ” Larsen
Birthday: 10/16/1990
Hometown: Awendaw, SC
(20 miles outside of Charleston)
School: Cario Middle School
Bike Class: 125B, 250B and 4-StrokePJ began racing when he was nine years old but it only took him four months of racing to come out of the gate with top finishes. PJ has moved quickly up the ranks in motorcross racing and continues to impress audiences across the Southeast. PJ is currently racing a Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F and is definitely considered an up-and-coming racer on the circuit.
pj larsen

After securing a seat at the Maxxis US Open of Supercross held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in October 2004 and a top 3 finish and 4th place stock finish at the 2004 Loretta Lynn’s amateur national championship, Larsen has proven he is an up-and-coming motocross racer. His peers noticed and so did Kawasaki Motor Corporation USA. In Jan. 2004 Larsen received the formal invitation to join a select group of amateur motocross racers from across the country to be a part of Kawasaki’s Team Green. After years of nonstop competitions, thousands of miles of traveling and a lot of dedication, Larsen is on his way to the next level.

When PJ isn’t racing he enjoys spending time with his friends, riding BMX bikes, playing his Playstation and bowling. PJ lives with his dad, Pete just north of Charleston, South Carolina (when they aren’t on the road going to races).

Race Talk:

pj larsenAt the World Mini In Las Vegas, PJ took a couple early Moto Win’s and had some of the Fastest lap times all week. Now PJ will get back to training and preparing for his Regional Qualifiers for Ponca City & Loretta Lynn’s.

At the 2 Opening Nationals at Lake Whitney & Oakhill Raceway. PJ took a couple more A/Pro Class titles. He’s kept his roll going. By setting some of the fastest laps times for both tracks. This Team Green Extreme rider really has talent, and proves it every time the gate drops. See you in Vegas!

PJ takes home the CTI Ironman Award

One of the fastest riders at this event. PJ took many hole shots and checked out in several races in Supercross and Motocross. Winning many classes at Gatorback. He had a couple bad starts and battled back to earn the coveted CTI Ironman Award.

PJ Win’s At Loretta’s

PJ takes a 1-1-2 to take a National Championship at Loretta’s this year. Over names like Will Hahn, Durham and Ben Evans. With one of the most dramatic racing of the week. PJ’s bike had some technical problem’s but’s makes it the entire 20 plus 2 and takes a convincing Motocross A Championship home to South Carolina.